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Sa Packaging Machinery is a leading supplier of a wide variety, high quality, and custom-designed packaging Machines, some of which include Horizontal form-fill-seal machines, Flow wrap machines, Vertical form-fill-seal machines, Bottle filler-capper-labeler machines, and much more. 

At Sa Packaging Machinery, we pride ourselves on our professional ability to provide the perfect, high-quality, cost-effective solution for your specific packaging needs.  

Our Technicians are well trained and available 24/7. We pride ourselves on delivering the perfect solution to the utmost highest standards, thus ensuring a long-term and steady operation of all our equipment and machines. 

At Sa Packaging Machinery we supply high-quality packaging machines, which are widely used in the food-, pharmaceutical-, beverage-, cosmetic-, pet food-, industrial foods-, sundry goods, etc. 

We not only supply the perfect solution to your packaging needs, but our machines come standard with a 12-month guarantee, 24-month Electrical guarantee as well as 24 hours on-call technicians.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we strive to deliver both technical as well as economic success. We have skilled and dedicated staff who are always ready to assist. Our machines offer innovative as well as cost-effective packaging solutions to you. We have a pre-sales service, which includes; cunsulting-, informational videos-, sample packing testing-, and a free quotation. Our after-sales service includes; manuals, videos, troubleshooting, machine maintenance and repair, warranty, etc.